Monday, October 18, 2010

Norr & Rizal's Wedding - quick updates

Hmm, the slow update will start now… I have no idea where to begin actually. Maybe I should just share some of my new experiences of being a wife so far. Well, it’s only been 2 weeks since we got married. shocking to me cos it’s a new thing. Having a companion ( yang tak sabar2 nak move into the house right after nikah) a few funny incidents happened where I freaked out ( as always) when he finally in the house. I siap Tanya ada surat nikah tak? Takot kena tangkap khalwat. And I would sit very very far from him which was a bit irony. Masa bercinta boleh ja dok dekat2 tapi dah sah tetiba I dok jauh2. Haha..

The reception took place last week on the 10th October, 2010 at the Dewan Expo, Seb arang Jaya, Penang. From 12-4pm. And it was the best moments of my life by far. Seriously if I could turn back the time, I would want to go back to the day I got married! It was smooth flowing event (TQ to everybody who made it happed) and I was expecting some sort of glitches, but NO..everything was perfect. Alhamdulillah.

Both myself n husband got ready at the Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya where we had our photoshoots done as well.seriously, I felt like a celebrity. Heheh. And the Hotel was so kind to provide us great service and we had our breakfast just the two of us later the next day ;) ohh our OP with his team were the best! Seronok bekerja dengan professionals like them. And there were so kelakar all the way. Rasa macam kawan2 lama. And I was really impressed with their style of finding great angles. Tergolek2! Best! ;)

Since I posted the previous entry, I have received a few request from interested people to know more about my simple wedding dress. Takpa2 I will update about that later k. I don’t have many pictures in my collections right now since I relied on my OP to capture everything. I even have to wait for somebody to post the pictures on FB to see everything.

Ok hari ni Berjaya tengok rupa pelamin i. seriously I forgot cemana rupa pelamin I sebab I tak sempat nak teliti during my reception. I missed a lot of stuffs. That’s whay I can’t wait for the pictures from the OP.

pelamin anganku tidak musnah! alhamdulillah...TQ sofi from

syukur my Guest book is filled with a lot of comforting words, warmth & love by many guests who took the time to write. ni guest book area yang i terpaksa scratch all the ideas i have gathered and gave this area to my niece to do the deco. she's 18 so i can't expect much. i told her to do whatever u can to make the area stands out. hasilnya? hahah...ok la..not bad! and she was so patient waiting there with her friends.they did a great job by attracting the crowd to the guest book table! good job along!

i love my guest book so much, i sleep with it! sumpah! i read this book every nite and i would cry everytime i read it...sayu ok! ramai tulis bagi i sedey!

that's us, waiting for the signal to enter the hall...malu sangat2 tengok ramai orang. and the funniest part when we finally enter the hall, i jalan cepat2 sampai my sis jerit, wey, pelan2 sikit jalan! hahahah...

we didn't have any pengapit or any rombongan mengiringi. we planned it that way. purposely nak jalan berdua sahaja! cos we wanted all eyes on us. when all were staring at us, malu la pulak..ambikk!

hmm. family is LOVE. and LOVE is family!

superdelicious chocolates from - if u guys didn't recieve this, maknanya salah salam la tu.salam dengan family groom. kan!

more updates coming up!!

pictures are taken from FB ( credits to family & friends)

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