Tuesday, February 1, 2011

few pages from our wedding album

i know i haven't been updating much about my wedding...truthfully, i was lazy & i didn't really know where to start,plus i was damn busy with work straight away after i got married. i never really had a long break for my wedding. just a few days off.

i guess since my wedding album has finally done, so maybe i should share a few pages from my album. so here they goes...(randomly picked ja ni ok,main upload ja)

i had the best moments in life during the photo shoot sessions. i had a great respect to my OP nasir zin & his team. they made us feel very comfortable n it was joy and full of laugh all the way. tell u, these people are crazy! kelakar tak hingat. ohh, of course amat2 memenatkan and i remeber my legs were soar up to a point couldn't bare to stand anymore...penant gila..still they would keep shooting and shooting, trying to find best angles..tegolek2 atas lantai hotel, panjat merata alam..BEST SANGAT! semua kepenatan seemed all worthwhile. tak tau nak explain cemana dah..these guys are the best..

and for me, the only memory we have after the wedding is the Album, so it's better for us to invest a little bit on professional photographers. they'll make us look great despite all the circumstanses..contohnya, suami anda tidak reti posing... heheh


abg. nasir
abg harilfani
abg. matnuat

~Sunway Hotel, Seberang Jaya, Penang

ohh anyway, click the pics for better view. ;p


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aween...maceh!pics u pun lawa i tertengok kt harilfani punya kawan dulu..hehhh