Monday, February 28, 2011

Penangan urutan Mak Nani & air jamunya

so i went back to penang last weekend for the 2 days weekend break. the motive of going back this time around aside from visiting friends and doing a bit shopping was to actually going for a tradional body massage. well, to be honest, i didn't feel so well for the past 3 weeks or so after the miscarriage. i didn't really had a strict berpantang since i was feeling ok right after a week the of the miscarriage. little that i know, because of my don't-really-give-a-damn-attitide, it finally took a toll on me. i mention i had gain weight in my previous entries right??? there you go, i finally figured out the cause. BADAN SUDAH MASUK HANGIN!

i was feeling bloated,my legs cramped a few times, not to mention the uncomfortable feelings inside my tummy, also the lower tummy (ari2) felt VERY uncomfortable for the past 3 weeks. i didn't really understood why i was feeling such way. i couldn't explain to my mak how i felt. so i consult a friend and she suggested the traditional body massage from experience mak bidan kampung. and luckily back inpenang i have a friend who always told me stories about her mak bidan from indonesia named Mak Nani. she has been massging my bestie and a few other friends from the start. before she was pregnant, while pregnant and after delivery. the reviews were so freaking great. they said mak nani punya penangan memang KAW.

so i asked my mak to arrange me an appointment for me. i could tell she was an experienced bidan by the way she massage me. i felt better just after one session. i have to finish 3 sessions with her. another 1 session to go.
she was like any other bidan. very talkative,full of tips. love her indon accent! hahah...rasa macam dalam telenovela lak. she said my whole body dah masuk angin. she asked why didn't i come to her earlier? well. how should i know?? i thought i was going to be fine.. ;( my urat saraf semuanya dah keras and get this, she said batu meriyan i dah lari. WHAT??? meriammmm?? i was schocked. seriously, i had no idea what was it. rupanya she explained, it's our peranakan.hmm, i thought peranakan tu rahim kan??bukan ka rahim dok kat bawah ni?? she said the baru meriyan tu dok kat atas di tepi perut ni.right under the ribcage.huuuhhh cemana tu??

so she fixed it.Alhamdulillah, i feel a lot's just that i need to start berpantang balik since badan penuh angin kus kus...heheh..

she even prepared me 2 kinds of air jamu to bring back. at first, of couse i was reluctant. i never drink jamu before. i only take vitamins but not consistentlay. but Mak Nani convinved me to drink her homemade jamu. terkejut ok! it tasted good! i always thought this kind of jamu would be very bitter and smell unpleasant. again, i was so wrong. the jamu was her secret recipe she said. some of the ingredients could only be found in her hometown Medan, Indonesia. so i tried. taste?? sweet, mildly sour, herbal-like. it's liquid jamu. bukan pil or paste like. okay la...not bad. i can handle it.

she gave me very informative tips:

-avoid sour foods

-spicy foods

-soak my feet in warm water

-avoid ice or cold drinks completely from now on. ( OH NO)

and a lot more. which i forgot...adoi! i need to ask her again this weekend.

she said this is to make sure i could easily concieve again, insyaAllah. BUT most importantly, doa to Allah. she said, by the look on my feet, i'm the type of person who would have an easy delelivery/birthing. insyaAllah, amin..i hope so.
she also mention about not giving up on trying for a baby. always be positive and usaha tanpa jemu. Mak Nani kata if we have been married for a year or two, still no signs of getting pregnant, don't waste time waiting. USAHA. maybe batu meriyan dah all over the place. only a proper massage could put it back to its original place. and, kalau bidan and pesakit tak dapat rasa denyutan nadi di tengah2 pusat while massaging tu, it's not a good sign.dia kata, jauhkan lah perkara macam tu. sebab the chances of getting pregnant would be almost zero. BUT,again ALLAH MAHA BERKUASA. USAHA yang penting.

i leave it to Allah & tawakal for everything that He would determine to me. reading about others who are expecting and seeing others with their cute tummies, i so want that too. but i know i have to wait for some time. i am still afraid of the past experience.losing ur baby is definately a very sad experience. furthermore, like many have suggested to wait at least 6 months.


PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

norr, nak mintak contact number bidan tu boley? i think i need one la.. susah nak carik org pandai mengurut preggy lady.. dia akan dtg tpt kita or cmne ek?

NoRr said...

aifa nt pm me ya kt
mak nani tu u kena kat umah dia or u amik dia datang umah u. ;) she said boleh urut org nagndung jugak..seriously best dia buat.

aNNa IrwaRNiTa said...

yap...dia mmang urut org preggy jgak...i baru je lepas urut kat dia...dia bley tgk skali keadaan bb dlm pwot kita okay>>>>best sgt

Shida said...

salam, norr shidah pun berminat nak mengurut dgn mak nani tu. boleh bg no hp dia.tq fyi shidah dah pm ur gmail.tq again

Me&Shawls Shop said...

norr..i pon nak no contact mak NAni tue..boleh share..pls email to me

thanks norr..

Me&Shawls Shop said...

sorry for ur loss..

nurhamizah karim said...

Salam.. mak bidan ni duk kt mana ya? bole pm sy contact number nye.. t.q.. :)

Quiyah said...


Can i also have the number of the makcik urut pls? Email me at