Monday, July 25, 2011

@ ALMOST 6 Months & counting

i have balooned to the extend my doctor thought the scale in his office ROSAK. seriously, it's was so annoying to know that i gained so much weight this month. i blame my eating habit which has increased ever since i entered the 2nd trimester. i feel hungry n want to eat at every 3 hours or so. though i tried to eat as healthy as possible, i think i failed miserably kot. ;(

now, i need to control and choose my food la kot. reduce nasik. i'm worried by the end of the 9 months, i would be like 100kg pulak... PENGSAN~

i do a lot of walking these few days just to make sure i stay active. even though it is a bit tiring. the only excercise that keeps me going is walking in a shopping malls. hahaha...i could walk like 2 hours straight without any rest kalau kat i guess it's a good form of excercise kan? i went for a week course last week at shah alam. i stayed at Quality Hotel and every evening i make sure i would go round that SACC mall, PKNS and plaza Alam Sentral tu without fail for 5 days straight ok. masa jalan memang tak hengat sakit2 ni. balik bilik, semua organ2 bagai nak tecabut!

we had a routine check up yesterday, MasyaAllah, tekejut doctor and i looking at the scale! gila naik berkilo2 bagaikan dipam2... hadoihhh! TAKONYA.

but on the bright side, Alhamdulillah the baby is healthy. i can't believe my eyes every time i see the screen monitor that shows my baby inside my tummy. Syukur sangat2. i'm always worried about the baby and i think a lot about the baby. kalau boleh scan hari2 kan bagus! boleh tengok baby buat apa hari2 kan??

at this point, mom & dad belum tahu baju biru or baju pink to buy cos have not managed to find out the gender everytime we go for check up. looks like we have to go for 3D soon.

at this point, the thing that concerns me is about my weight. i feel like i should not gain so much. is there any possibilities i could lose weight? if i go for a walk and control my eating habit, could i lose some weight? bahaya tak??? i'm not afraid of getting fat. i'm just afraid that the fact of gaining so much weight it would harm me or baby but so far the doctor said everything is OK. :)

alalalala...comel sungguh anak org putih nih~

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aNNa IrwaRNiTa said...

beli baju putih...laki pmpuan pun leh pakai...haha