Friday, July 15, 2011

a neglected blog *phew*

First and foremost, i would like to welcome myself to this blog again! if it has a say, it would have said, where the heck did this owner been all this while?? i feel so neglected indeed..

trust me, i never logged in to my blog until last week.

ever since the last post, i was always busy with work ( yeah right... ;p)

the truth are:

i mean, i had nothing to post.

i was not in a mood.

i was not feeling so well.


Alhamdulillah, syukur....after all the battle with almost all pregnacy symtoms....i am now in my second trimester. i'm in my 23rd weeks currently. again, syukur Alhamdulillah to Allah The Almighty. the baby is doing well so far. the mom is also doing better everyday. i could only pray that this condition will last till the end..

i didn't feel like sharing much about my pregnancy earlier because i was having a bit of complication at the beginning when my doctor discovered that my uterus was not in stable conditon as i was having the same problem like the first pregnancy which i ended up with miscarriage. i was scared at first. but Alhamdulillah, after the treatments and stuffs, i think the baby decides to stay strong in my womb. and hopefully the baby will be strong till the end, Amin.

i was not granted with a perfect pregnancy moments as i was battling with all sorts of pregnancy symtoms. you name it, i had it all and almost admitted into hospital. there were time i felt giving up like i've had enough of it, i didn't want to get pregnant again, ever...but i guess those were the challenges i needed to overcome. A very good friend of mine always says that all the pregnancy symtoms are actually a blessing in disguise. true indeed.

so, what's the plan now??what's the gender?is it a boy or a girl? i'm supposed to find out next week, insyaAllah. well, the hubs wants a a baby girl so much and he keeps BBMing me with lots of baby girl pictures. i on the other hand, don't bother long as everything is ok and the baby is healthy. ;)

we have started small preparation. we want to take the oportunity during this mega sale time to buy a few stuffs that the baby may need soon. i love shopping for baby now! and i think i'm the regular face of mothercare shop...we go there every week now. (tak beli pun sometimes, tengok saja)

ohh, the due date? InsyaAllah, if all go according to plan, it's going to be a November baby.

I'll try to update this blog frequently from now on...but i dun promise anything. heheh...
i hope anybody who reads this blog will pray for me and my baby as well..i appreciate that soooo much!!


yours truly,

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Darling Aween said...

tahniah...dah agak knp u mendiamkan diri...sbb my friend also, sometime ok sometime moody....hehe take care tau