Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i have ballooned~

 That's me at 31 weeks! errr...blur? can't really see the size of my belly? hmm...

okay, okay,....look how huge this belly is. how the heck did i balloon to this extend? i also have the same question on my mind sometimes.. *sigh* looking at this picture i thought i was carrying twins instead of one little girl. hahahah... i have the feelings that most of the weight i have gained so far are not so much of the baby's weight. from the previous check up which was last week the baby weigh 1.5kg. so i was confused, was it because of my eating habits ( which a healthy one ok) that led me to balloon so big?? i must admid i get really hugry almost every 2-3 hours and i have to eat something to curb the feelings.heheheh...

back to my baby's weight so far, the doctor said that the baby is developing normally in terms of her weight according to my weeks of pregnancy. so i asked him what would be the expected weight when i have come to my full term? he said that we're expecting the baby to be at 3kg something! phewwww....i was speechless because i must admid that i'm a little bit afraid i will have to push out a 4kg baby insted! CAN I?? i may seem big, but i posses a very little courage. hukhuk... but, never mind, i should be more positive from now on because that's my only hope! ;) if others can do it, i should too. right?? but i still hope that the doctor's prediction is correct which is 3kg! hahahah...

currently, i am in my final trimester which is not a very comfortable one as compared to the 2nd trimester which was HEAVEN!! i walk very slow nowadays cos i feel so heavy. i'm always short of breath especially during giving my lecture which i have to talk a lot and i can't do anything about it. it's my job. the students notice that i guess and i frequently say "sorry class, give me a few seconds to catch my breath" and the would laugh. many of my colleagues and family actually said that i need to slow down a bit. very true indeed. i tend to forget that i'm pregnant sometimes. :)

my current goal now is just to quickly finish the syllabus so i can go for my maternity leave peacefully.the students are having their finals this end of november so i will have to make sure i finish all the assessments before i start to take leave which is in the early november ,insyaAllah.

in terms of the preparations for the arriving of this lil' one, i have to say, we almost there...hehehhe..almost complete. i am such a shopaholic when it comes to buying baby's clothes. so far we have bought too many clothes for baby and that makes my mak decided to step forward to and say "STOP BUYING ALREADY" hahaha..i can't recall how many times my mak has reminded me to stop buying the clothes. too many.

i can't help myself. buying for baby equals to buying for me although i can't wear them. hahaha..my favourite brand for new born is Pegion, also Truddy & Teddy as these brands have very creative designs for new borns as well as the good quality.so cute!the prices are reasonably good.not as expensive as others kot? besides, we should support the local brands kan! ;) they're very high quality okay.

Hasil tawanan for baby from shopping malls.berbaloi2!
Last time Mothercare had promotion so we took that advantage to buy a few items there as well. i don't really fond of buying baby's stuffs through online though.i'd rather go and choose on my own. besides, i love Modernmun also Momscare, these are the regular places i go to buy 80% of my baby's stuffs during the Megasales season cos the prices are extremely low during that time.

Now, i think for the next baby's stuffs hunting i should focus more on my needs cos i think we have almost all the baby's essentials. i don't have the brest pump yet. i don't have the warmer & steralizer yet, i don't even have the maternity pad yet! banyak laa...hahaha...never mind, i still have the time kot.

Nowadays, my prayers mostly concentrated on the baby and i always ask for Allah's help to give me strenghts to continue working normally. i must say that i'm getting very very tired easily now. i'm very concern of my students if can't really perfom well in front of them. kesian jugak...

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