Thursday, October 27, 2011

36 weeks pregnant is equal to 9 months. (status terkini)

Assalamualaikum. ( baru perasaan i had never given a salam in my previous entries. hehe)

i am currently at my  week 36 of pregnancy and many have said that looking at my condition it might not be long anymore. alamak...when everybody seems to say the same thing it makes me believe that i may be given birth anytime soon. the power of psychology i guess.

because i believe i might be going to labour soon, nowadays i have been getting some weird feelings as if Braxton Hicks or maybe false contractions or maybe that's what i believe, i dunno.. but senang cakap, i dah start rasa sakit-sakit sikit. maybe it was nothing, just a normal feelings / discomforts that a pregnant woman might feel, again i dunno... i am just hoping that if it's really the time to go to labour, at least ada tanda yang sangat jelas like bloody show, of water bag pecah or anything clear for me to head to the hospital immidiately. cos i really don't know what it feels like when u are about to give birth. setakat yang boleh ditahan, i think i tahan saja laa...i have an appointment with my doctor this coming weekend, and i am a bit nervous just in case this time punya visit i kena beranak dah...huuuu...takotnya!!

i guess i am being denial that soon i will have a baby kot? i tend not to think much what's gonna happen when the baby arrives. how my life would tremendously change in every single way soon. i am not being negative at all, ok. in fact, i am very excited to be a mother. it's just that i still cannot believe that i am going to be a parent real soon. cemana la ekk?? i have seen how happy other bloggers telling their stories about their birth experiences. some are really enjoying to read and some are a bit scary for me. i would find myself in tears everytime i read those kind of stories, seriously! walaupun kadang2 cita depa semua cam lawak or biasa saja, or memang betul punya tragik, still semua birthing stories bloggers yang i baca smua bagi i touching laa... and at one point ada jugak yang bagi kuat semangat diri seniri jugak. ;) buat rasa tak sabarnya nk beranak! hahaha..

so, as for the current updates of my situasion nowadays, i guess i am still busy with my work. i have about 110 anwer scripts to be marked starting today,prepare the students' marks, key in the marks in poly system, prepare reports and a few others before the end of next week. *PHEW*

students answers scripts - kena ada mood baru boleh mark. if not, abeh laa markah budak2 ni.

oh yes, i have taken the borang cuti bersalin lebih awal last tuesday at our admind here, and tomorrow i will submit it. as government servant, we are allowed to take 2 weeks early this kind of cuti before the actual EDD. so what the heck, rugi lak tak amik kan. at least i can rest at home. just in case, in 2 weeks time i am still not giving birth, i will proceed with my annual leave which i have approximately 14 days left. banyak kan cuti i? ehehehe... tak larat dah i nak panjat tangga opis pi mai pi mai, tu i nak cuti.  

borang kerajaan ni memang selalu confusing nk isi - banyak ayat2 yang pelik & isi benda yang sama 2-3 kali. aiyakkk!

My Ketua Program pun awal pagi tadi nampak ja muka i terus tanya "LAA ADA LAGI KA? TAK CUTI2 LAGI?" nampak sangat i patut cuti kan~hahaha... mana tak nya, jalan pun dah senget2. not only that, solat pun bila tahiyat akhir kadang sampai i tegolek tebalik - all because i have lost my balance, also perut makin besar! kelakar gila...tepaksa la ulang balik dari rakaat pertama. mencabar sungguh! ;p

that's all i guess about my current updates at week 36.

sekian, nanti update lagi, InsyaAllah.

much love!!

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