Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i might be going into labor next week at WEEK 37!

Yeah! that's what the doctor has suggested us during last sunday's check up. oh no~ suddenly i am not ready cos i have always set in my mind that the due date is on the 23rd.November not earlier. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME EXACTLY?? well, my blood pressure seems to get higher every time we when for check up. it has sky rocketed to 150 last week. so the doctor said that if it continues to get higher or the maintain at 150, i need to be induced for early delivery. OH NO I AM SO NOT READY TO BE FORCED INTO LABOUR~HELPPPPPPPP~

I guess this is the thing what people always say " we can only plan, but Allah will determine everything"

So, when i found that that maybe this is the final week for me to carry this tummy, i kinda freaked out a bit, especially last nite. after a day of digesting the fact i will have to give birth most probbaly next tuesday, i cried a lttle bit. I AM SCARED, what to expect kan?? especially when it comes to things like this when u are forced to give birth. what if something bad, something really bad happens during that time?? will my baby be fine?i keep thinking of that. next week the baby will be 37 weeks. on the bright side, at 37 weeks a baby is considered as full term baby as the doctor said and it's ready to see the world, inyaAllah the baby will be strong enough. Amin.

i dunno what to think cos currently i am buried with exam papers, still marking and keying in the marks of my students' final. i am supposed to be resting at home by now, but i cannot. i am a bit disappointed when i was told to finish marking the papers, and key in the marks before i go off. agak terkilan when i said the word I NEED TO REST, apparently, some people cannot fully comprehend the word REST. instead, giving me option to be at home and mark the papers and come back to office to send them when i am done! WHATTTT?????! then what's the used of having the special time table for preggers??? they went trought the trouble of creating a new set of time table just in case i need to go to labour earlier. BUT I CANNOT USE THAT NOW FOR MY BENEFIT. i am again, a little bit diappointed. what if i gave birth today?? how can i come back to office?? sooo weird~

So yesterday, after a brief discussion, i went back to my table, i sat down and gave it a deep thought. i decided to complete all the marking and key in. Alhamdulillah, im almost finished with one more class to go. i think i can start keying the mark in the system this evening..Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me the strenghts to continue doing my works till the end without troubling or should i say, BURDENING any of my co-workers. but, i terasa hati sikit lah, sebab, when it comes to my turn, this kind of thing happened.

It's ok tak dapat rehat awal sikit tak pa la...i have always believed that kalau kita mempermudahkan orang lain, insyaAllah, Allah akan mempermudahkan kita pulak in return. so i better get over it! quickly finish my work and i can start resting at least for a few days before going into "battle" i mean, labour. heheh...

my current state of mind right now is 50% thinking of my work, and another half is thinking about my condition and my baby inside. i hope my blood pressure will subside a lttle bit. but i guess it's almost impossible when i keep going on about it in my head. i need to relax and redha, kan?? kerja memang penat otak, tapi semua orang penat otak jugak, bukan i sorang. Also, next week baby dah cukup matang untuk tengok dunia. i kena fikir macam tu. TAWAKAL to Allah of what i have to face nect week. cukuplah Allah sebagai tempat bergantung, kan! ;)

i should be more excited rather that scared cos i will soon meet my first born! that is the biggest achievement in a woman's life, right? not all women are blessed with pregnancy, birthing, and baby...i should be grateful of going though these dispite the circumstances. Alhamdulillah, i am almost there. almost complete my pregnancy journey. ;)

So, to all friends, please pray for me, i am still scared okay. ;-( i hope eveything will be ok. Amin.

Dear Allah,
Please help me, please help my baby, Amin.

sekian, nanti update lagi ya!

aci tak, nak baby keluar muka camni? huhu~


farhanna said...

Wish u baik2 sj n ur baby....I pun next week start CT n count the time baby pops out

NoRr said...

thank u sooooo much farhana, i really need that. semoga u pun baik2 saja n menanti dengan penuh semangat for a lttle bundle of joy! caiyokkkk!! heheh