Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday~

Entering pregnancy WEEK 34 already! and That's how i look so far...hahahha dari jauh pun nampak still BESAR kan?? ish..ish..ish...

So at week 34 ni, Alhamdulillah i have managed to complete my BABY CHECK LIST and i am so relieved that i don't have to go back & forth fromperlis to penang frequently anymore. all of the baby's necessities are safely at my mak's place in penang. and i only brought back to perlis the hospital bag because i plan to head back to penang right after i have been discharged from PMC, insyaAllah.

last week my mak helped me to sort out what to put in the hospital bag and i conviniently did nothing but watch mak did everything.hahahha...i do help by checking all the stuffs though.but my mak did everything. melipat, mengemas, menyusun....hehehhe...i must admit i love the way my mak's sorting out the bag, or lugage since i was in university. bukan i pemalas sangat  but since kat uni lagi, whenever it was time to go back to campus, i would always ask my mak to help me put my things together. no particular reasons just i suka the way my mak kemas bag. hehehe...ada personal touch kot~

At week 34 jugak, i can definitely feel such a big changes in me - i become more and more slower in terms of my movements and tired so badly at night. i could feel the baby's actually going down a bit. i used to feel the baby loved to sit on my right ribs cage, but nowadays, she is right in the middle already. perut pun dan mcam turun sikit. oh my god! im having a baby soon~

this week officially the start of my weekly visit to the doctor sampai la besalin.haihhh, penat jugak cos i live in perlis but i have to go to Alor Star to do the check up. it's around 45 minutes drive. hopefully within the 45 minutes, we will be able to reach PMC if i were to deliver this baby when the time comes. Amin.

ordered from the ever so famous
sooooo YUMMS!

Lastly, those were the blue velvet cup cakes well maybe greenish blue kot that i ordered simply to commemorate our 1st Anniversary that had to be postponed last week. we celebrated by having luch at our favorite spot in penang. biasa2 saja la..i don't really have a lot of good pictures to share cos i don't look visually attractive..hahahaha..


PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

good luck norr! x lm lg tu.. huhu. sdp pulak nmpk cuppies tutp xley mkn time pantang neh.. heee

NoRr said...

aifaaaa!! TQ...neves laa fikir hari besalin..huuu~ ehh, kek xboleh makan ya time pantang? seb baik i dah baham banyak dah..hahah..