Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcoming ceremony for the postgraduate candidates.

the line up of the deans

so my journey as a student has officially began as off yesterday. we had to attend the Welcoming Ceremony where we were introduced to the management of the University. i had a blast meeting my new classmates.'s always nice meeting new people for me. i love the experience every time. but one major thing i noticed after yerterday's event, while we were listening to the briefing and speeches from the dean and the  USM Deputy Canselor, the experience sort of strenghten my will to continue this journey with an open heart. it makes me stop thinking of " whether i could or could not" commit. Alhamdulillah... i think i have not taken the wrong turn, Insya Allah. meeting people who have the same objective as yours makes you feel stronger and positive kot. i met a classmate who just delivered her first child last months and she is from Kuala Kangsar. she shared her feelings towards her decision to continue her studies despites having a baby and a job, just make me feel so blessed. i think this kind of woman is by far stronger than myself. so, i find peace thinking of it.

tengah bediri nak nyanyi.hehehe

so yesterday's event ended with a positive thoughts in mind. jumpa pulak kawan2 yang sekepala memang bonus kan. one thing is that when you are a postgraduate candidates your sense of team work is stronger kot. we feel that we are equal. have the same objective. the same commitments (work, family, etc) and have to attend  class in the evening. semua orang memahami situasi masing-masing. insyaAllah rasa tak laa sorang2..semua sedia membantu gitu. heheh...

the oath
when i saw all the deans walk into the hall, my god..i miss the robe and go up on the stage to grab  your scroll again. dulu i panggil robe tu baju harry potter... seeing these people wearing the robe, and when they were introduced as Professors or Associate Professors, huiii... meremang bulu roma. to all the friends who left university years ago, i only got 1 question to ask. "DON'T YOU MISS THE MOMENTS OF YOUR CONVOCATION DAY?" or the very least, "DON'T YOU MISS YOUR UNIVERSITY?"

So, next monday is going to be my first day of going back attending lecture and stuffs after almost 6 years of working, which i really look forward to.May Allah S.W.T guide my path all the way to the end. Amin.


honey bedazzled said...

oih tgh sambung belajaq xyah la pikiaq anak oihhs hihihi

NoRr said...

hahaha...takpa...nanti tumpang kasih sayang baby orang dulu sehingga tiba masanya...kekeke