Tuesday, September 24, 2013

when u are on your own- expect the unexpected.

ini dalam kelas statistics. busy key in the SPSS data hoi!

"world" can be a scary place when you have to face it ALONE. i admit that the day i went to register myself again as a student was a day full of mixed emotions. i kept questioning myself whether i could do this on my own. no friends this time around. no one could back me up.

but i kept a positive thinking and moved on despite the fact i was disappointed with a friend i considered a very good one whom decided not to proceed her with her studies at the very last minute without any reason but kept quiet. which was really strange of her to be that silent.

again, a world can be a scary place when you have to face it ALONE.

but Alhamdulillah, Allah has eased everything so far. He sent me 3 good friends. and i must say that to find friend who instantly clicked with u is not easy but lt's not in my case. hahaha...i have 3 crazy Masters buddies now. we are inseparable. it's like we have known each other a long time.

now, group assignments are done by us 4 in a group. and i learn a lot from these geniuses. Alhamdulillah. the best thing about the day i go to my classes are always full with lots of laughter. seriously when i think back, i have not been laughing so hard for quite sometime. rasa macam zaman blajar degree muda2 dulu..macam zaman remaja pulak. padahal dh mak2 dh pun. we are of the same age 29-30 yrs. so, i guess that makes us bond quite well kot.

i never expected i would always be looking forward for my classes excitedly every week like this. i think that the days i go to my classes are the days that i truly feel enjoy about what i am currently committed to. full of laugh. stress is always there but when u have great buddies, stress is something u can handle effectively.

ohh i love my master class. rugi sangat pada yang dapat tapi tolak macam tu saja without any solid reason. why apply in the first place if u are going to waste and harm other people's chances?? i wish i could display how interesting tha classes are to these people who rejected to come. pity u just wasted a real good place and other people's place who have been rejected by the uni. shame on u!

i hope these two people could bear with me and pray for my succes too. :)

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