Wednesday, October 9, 2013

gonna be two soon...

budak bakal umur 2 tahun tak lama lagi. time flies...perkataan atau ayat cliche. :)my girl is gonna be 2 years old in november.

last year we had a celebration of her 1st birthday..but this year, we have made a decision not to have any party because a lot of things.

1) we are moving to our new/own house by this coming november or december, insayAllah. which i think orang yang biasa pindah randah ni faham how complicated it can be and soooo many things too look into. a lot of attentions to details is given to our future home this year. the renovation parts and so, i don't think it is a good time to think of having a birthday party in between. boleh pengsan i...semua benda nak buat.

2) i think that this year it would be more meaningful to have a small celebration just us-the family and a cake.

3) i am busy. hahahha..tak sempat nak pikir...

so basically this year we are more focussed on the moving into our house rather than having a party. apart from that, i am also studying part timely, and i couldn't find a perfect time to squueze a party event into my schedule. so Maryam, when u grow up, and happen to read this blog, i hope u understand why mommy can't plan your party this year. heheheh... mom is too busy with other things. sorry baby.

ohh, talking about Maryam Bahyraa....she is a busy kid. as always...asal buka mata ada saja benda dia nak buat. huuu...letih... her latest obsession is BARNEY..we showed her a few other DVD, but it seems that Barney is her favourite of all. asal bangun tidoq mintak tengok barney. 24 hours barney sajalah rumah i. sampai i sendiri dh boleh hafal lagu2 barney. and yeah, she is also learning a thing or two with barney nowadays i guess. she is building a lot of vocabularies especially in english. i only speak english at work place. not really using at home. i rarely use engslih, i think my husband uses more english with Maryam than i do. dunno why...i guess i am just tired to speak english at home after a long day at work or at my MA class kot.hahahah boleh?? but, Alhamdulillah...Maryam picks up this language quite easily i must say. maybe because of the effect she gets from all the english tv shows an DVD she watches kot. but the downside of it, she "mix and match" her languge with BM too. skali imbas i pening dengar bahasa dia yang tak seberapa tu... sebab masih tak pandai bercakap lagi but we know she undertstands things in english.

she won't understand "kucing" but she understand "cat" she won't undestand "keluar" but understand "out" she won't undertand "satu" but "one' but she understand "lima" but not "five" know all the simple words...mostly she understand them in english version rather than BM. so it is kind of annoying sometime when i have to repeat my sentences using some english or BM words that she understands just to get her response. i think mak2 yang practice dwi-bahasa ni kat rumah mesti paham apa kebenda i bagitau ni., kallau nak pakai english, u better use englsih only. never mix the two languages or else u get a kid like that. hahaha...and if u want to use english...just make sure u are using the correct form. not the broken english..kalau tak kesian anak...

apa pun, she is at learning phase...learning to understand the world kan..and she just thinks that everything revolves around her only. she is matter the most than anyonelse besides her...hahaha..selfish gitu!

now, birthday plan yang ada?? i just ordered a BARNEY CAKE. tu ja laa..just to make her happy. i think she is the happiest when she watches barney and sees barney in books,in toys store, senang2 order saja la kek barney kat budak tu kan...and we plan to go for makan2 and follow by cake cutting after that and go home sleep. hahahah...

ohh, my baby is growing so fast...i miss her being a baby. ;)

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