Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Story Behind the Reception Dress

Reception dress was the biggest part of a wedding.( ya ka??) For your information I hated my dress since the 1st day I layed my eyes n tried it on! Sumpah!i even cried for days thinking about it. Sampai kan saat2 terakir sehari before the reception I still has the skeptics about it. I even booked a rental dress just to show how I hated my wedding dress!

But, I changed my mind a week before my wedding and decided to just wear the dress that sofi made for me. Because? Well, I had a perfect nikah dress and a perfect nikah event. I was so happy and I told myself I kena banyak bersyukur. Because I was so happy with my nikah, I couldn’t care less about what would happen to my reception. Sebab I jadi takdak hati dah for my reception. Tanya aween! I told her about my dress. Heheh

BUT, I never knew how everything suddenly turned out so well when I put on my reception dress after the make up session, I was sooooo damn good in it! I felt beautiful which was the last thing I expected when I wore the dress. Tak tahu la apa yang terjadi. Rasa sangat tenang when I see myself in it. My sister was right by myself when she was the one who opposed about the dress in the first place. She even supported my decision to rent another dress instead. BUT she was the one who said out loud “ adik nor u look beautiful in the dress” when I wore it. Pelik tapi benar… I was finally happy to see myself in the wedding dress sofi made for me!my dream to wear a first hand dress became a reality. ALHAMDULILLAH, syukur.

I guess there’s a magic touch in a wedding. I was happy n content. i felt beautiful which I never expect that at all. I never felt beautiful before. I consider myself just a regular girl who has a lot of problems with her weight and her look. BUT really felt beautiful on my wedding day! And hearing the complements from many peole on the day made me felt so blessed. Alhamdulillah.

Ok, the dress was actually a simple straight dress with minimal lace patches on top and at the back. A bit on the lower part of the skirt. So simple. Maybe I hated it at the beginning because of its simplicity. But little that I knew, the dress that would suit me just right was actually a very simple dress. ;) sofi and his team purposely made the dress that way and he kept insisting that it was made just for me. not for anybody. He said the dress won’t work for other bride. After I wore it, it was true..the dress suit me after all.

glad i cancelled my rental wedding dress

The veil was made long to touch the ground upon my request because I wanted to have a feeling of a princess. Ewah!eheheh…bila lagi kan nak pakai veil panjang2? So they granted my wish. Love it!

I guess it was made because of my body type kot. Before the wedding I was really big. It took me 3 months of consistent diet and a bit of exercise to shed some kilos. I lost quite a lot during ramadhan. And the second fitting of dress the had to do a major changes to the dress. ;) terpaksa kecikkan banyak jugak la…

this was actually during my very first fitting and my very first encounter with the dress... i freaked out! ( muka nak senyum tak leh okeh...) i hated it so bad cos i didn't feel like a bride at all.. maybe at that time i was bigger kot. and the veil semua were not yet ready. lace patches semua belum start..

lega la...during my reception baru i dapat tengok final products. and it worth every singgle cent.

i know my dress was nothing as compared to other brides, who had wayyyy fabulous dresses than mine. but, seriously, in my humble opinion, once a dress - a wedding dress that is made for you only, the feelings are overwhelming... best sangat! tak kesah la baju orang lain lagi lawa...tapi baju tu memang khas untuk diri kita kan...so, tak reti nak explain cemanaa..sangat2 happy! ;)

i guess that the story behind my wedding dress ni... i will never forget la kot sampai saat-saat terakhir nak pakai pun i was still in doubt...but once it was put on...hmm...love it!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Norr & Rizal's Wedding - quick updates

Hmm, the slow update will start now… I have no idea where to begin actually. Maybe I should just share some of my new experiences of being a wife so far. Well, it’s only been 2 weeks since we got married. shocking to me cos it’s a new thing. Having a companion ( yang tak sabar2 nak move into the house right after nikah) a few funny incidents happened where I freaked out ( as always) when he finally in the house. I siap Tanya ada surat nikah tak? Takot kena tangkap khalwat. And I would sit very very far from him which was a bit irony. Masa bercinta boleh ja dok dekat2 tapi dah sah tetiba I dok jauh2. Haha..

The reception took place last week on the 10th October, 2010 at the Dewan Expo, Seb arang Jaya, Penang. From 12-4pm. And it was the best moments of my life by far. Seriously if I could turn back the time, I would want to go back to the day I got married! It was smooth flowing event (TQ to everybody who made it happed) and I was expecting some sort of glitches, but NO..everything was perfect. Alhamdulillah.

Both myself n husband got ready at the Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya where we had our photoshoots done as well.seriously, I felt like a celebrity. Heheh. And the Hotel was so kind to provide us great service and we had our breakfast just the two of us later the next day ;) ohh our OP nasirzin.com with his team were the best! Seronok bekerja dengan professionals like them. And there were so kelakar all the way. Rasa macam kawan2 lama. And I was really impressed with their style of finding great angles. Tergolek2! Best! ;)

Since I posted the previous entry, I have received a few request from interested people to know more about my simple wedding dress. Takpa2 I will update about that later k. I don’t have many pictures in my collections right now since I relied on my OP to capture everything. I even have to wait for somebody to post the pictures on FB to see everything.

Ok hari ni Berjaya tengok rupa pelamin i. seriously I forgot cemana rupa pelamin I sebab I tak sempat nak teliti during my reception. I missed a lot of stuffs. That’s whay I can’t wait for the pictures from the OP.

pelamin anganku tidak musnah! alhamdulillah...TQ sofi from sofibridal.com

syukur my Guest book is filled with a lot of comforting words, warmth & love by many guests who took the time to write. ni guest book area yang i terpaksa scratch all the ideas i have gathered and gave this area to my niece to do the deco. she's 18 so i can't expect much. i told her to do whatever u can to make the area stands out. hasilnya? hahah...ok la..not bad! and she was so patient waiting there with her friends.they did a great job by attracting the crowd to the guest book table! good job along!

i love my guest book so much, i sleep with it! sumpah! i read this book every nite and i would cry everytime i read it...sayu ok! ramai tulis bagi i sedey!

that's us, waiting for the signal to enter the hall...malu sangat2 tengok ramai orang. and the funniest part when we finally enter the hall, i jalan cepat2 sampai my sis jerit, wey, pelan2 sikit jalan! hahahah...

we didn't have any pengapit or any rombongan mengiringi. we planned it that way. purposely nak jalan berdua sahaja! cos we wanted all eyes on us. when all were staring at us, malu la pulak..ambikk!

hmm. family is LOVE. and LOVE is family!

superdelicious chocolates from inasalybakery.blogspot.com - if u guys didn't recieve this, maknanya salah salam la tu.salam dengan family groom. kan!

more updates coming up!!

pictures are taken from FB ( credits to family & friends)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



i'm back in the office resuming the unfinished business i guess. many of the collegues were surprised to see me in the meeting early this morning... ehehe... told ya' i was away for a quick wedding reception and back in the office in a blink of the eyes...ehehe..
well, i guess the most waited moment of my life has finally ended - the wedding! ;) syukur Alhamdulillah... words could never express all these feelings i have inside.. I AM ONE HAPPY BRIDE - ok fine, ex- BRIDE. heeee~

the big day was actually on the 2nd October 2010. and the second big day was a few days ago, on the 10th. October 2010. and all i could say here, both days turned out great! i have no complaints or what-so-ever. Alhamdulillah, i had a perfect wedding. ;) i am so happy.

i have no idea how should i start updating the details of my wedding. but do enjoy a few pics i managed to snap on my own... i had 3 photogs during the reception and they did take a whole lot of pictures throughout the day. almost 5000 pieces and maybe more if i'm not mistaken. so i have to be very patient waiting for the official pictures. ;) but, many have seen some of the pics on fb. hey, more to come! meanwhile, these are taken from my own digital cam. boleh ekk!

the bride checking herself out before going to the hall- cuci gigi yang penuh lipstik!

the handsome groom getting ready... ewahh!

the bride - almost 8 hours later, still tak puas bergambar. sambung dalam bilik pulak sikit lagi..

ok, i know yg ni over...sebab jurukamera adalah groom. u could guess what would happen later kan?eheheh..oops! excuse my french.

okay everyone, i will slowly start the updates. *keep my finggers crossed* before i stop, i would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much to everybody. u know who u are. also, minta maaf zahir & batin yang terlebih dan terkurang ya. THANK YOU SO MUCH on behalf of myself & family. lots of love!

ok last2... before wipe off the make up ;)


MADAM norr ( haha )

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


ALHAMDULILLAH...syukur. ;) the only words i could say. i'm so thankful, relief and very very happy bride!

Dengan sekali lafaz, kini sah menjadi seorang isteri. ;) but i thing for sure, it felt like a weight has ben lifted off the shoulder. i'm thankful for everything that is going my way right now...

i still need time to digest everything and currently is focussing on the reception which is happening this weekend. i will start updating as soon as i'm back, insyaAllah..but as for now, do enjoy a few pics taken from my own camera. as always, the official photo will be released soon. hehhh..

patience is virtue my dear...


see you soon!
ehem,..solemnisation them : roses...lots of roses.... :)