Thursday, October 27, 2011

36 weeks pregnant is equal to 9 months. (status terkini)

Assalamualaikum. ( baru perasaan i had never given a salam in my previous entries. hehe)

i am currently at my  week 36 of pregnancy and many have said that looking at my condition it might not be long anymore. alamak...when everybody seems to say the same thing it makes me believe that i may be given birth anytime soon. the power of psychology i guess.

because i believe i might be going to labour soon, nowadays i have been getting some weird feelings as if Braxton Hicks or maybe false contractions or maybe that's what i believe, i dunno.. but senang cakap, i dah start rasa sakit-sakit sikit. maybe it was nothing, just a normal feelings / discomforts that a pregnant woman might feel, again i dunno... i am just hoping that if it's really the time to go to labour, at least ada tanda yang sangat jelas like bloody show, of water bag pecah or anything clear for me to head to the hospital immidiately. cos i really don't know what it feels like when u are about to give birth. setakat yang boleh ditahan, i think i tahan saja laa...i have an appointment with my doctor this coming weekend, and i am a bit nervous just in case this time punya visit i kena beranak dah...huuuu...takotnya!!

i guess i am being denial that soon i will have a baby kot? i tend not to think much what's gonna happen when the baby arrives. how my life would tremendously change in every single way soon. i am not being negative at all, ok. in fact, i am very excited to be a mother. it's just that i still cannot believe that i am going to be a parent real soon. cemana la ekk?? i have seen how happy other bloggers telling their stories about their birth experiences. some are really enjoying to read and some are a bit scary for me. i would find myself in tears everytime i read those kind of stories, seriously! walaupun kadang2 cita depa semua cam lawak or biasa saja, or memang betul punya tragik, still semua birthing stories bloggers yang i baca smua bagi i touching laa... and at one point ada jugak yang bagi kuat semangat diri seniri jugak. ;) buat rasa tak sabarnya nk beranak! hahaha..

so, as for the current updates of my situasion nowadays, i guess i am still busy with my work. i have about 110 anwer scripts to be marked starting today,prepare the students' marks, key in the marks in poly system, prepare reports and a few others before the end of next week. *PHEW*

students answers scripts - kena ada mood baru boleh mark. if not, abeh laa markah budak2 ni.

oh yes, i have taken the borang cuti bersalin lebih awal last tuesday at our admind here, and tomorrow i will submit it. as government servant, we are allowed to take 2 weeks early this kind of cuti before the actual EDD. so what the heck, rugi lak tak amik kan. at least i can rest at home. just in case, in 2 weeks time i am still not giving birth, i will proceed with my annual leave which i have approximately 14 days left. banyak kan cuti i? ehehehe... tak larat dah i nak panjat tangga opis pi mai pi mai, tu i nak cuti.  

borang kerajaan ni memang selalu confusing nk isi - banyak ayat2 yang pelik & isi benda yang sama 2-3 kali. aiyakkk!

My Ketua Program pun awal pagi tadi nampak ja muka i terus tanya "LAA ADA LAGI KA? TAK CUTI2 LAGI?" nampak sangat i patut cuti kan~hahaha... mana tak nya, jalan pun dah senget2. not only that, solat pun bila tahiyat akhir kadang sampai i tegolek tebalik - all because i have lost my balance, also perut makin besar! kelakar gila...tepaksa la ulang balik dari rakaat pertama. mencabar sungguh! ;p

that's all i guess about my current updates at week 36.

sekian, nanti update lagi, InsyaAllah.

much love!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pregnancy Week 35

 At week 35, swollen  feet can sometimes annoy me...but never mind, a price to pay for a bundle of joy that is coming real soon...ohh, look at my ugly nails...can't properly clip them and rizal has to do the clipping sometimes. but most of the time i would do it myself..but the result is horrible! hahahha...cos i can't really bent properly...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday~

Entering pregnancy WEEK 34 already! and That's how i look so far...hahahha dari jauh pun nampak still BESAR kan?? ish..ish..ish...

So at week 34 ni, Alhamdulillah i have managed to complete my BABY CHECK LIST and i am so relieved that i don't have to go back & forth fromperlis to penang frequently anymore. all of the baby's necessities are safely at my mak's place in penang. and i only brought back to perlis the hospital bag because i plan to head back to penang right after i have been discharged from PMC, insyaAllah.

last week my mak helped me to sort out what to put in the hospital bag and i conviniently did nothing but watch mak did everything.hahahha...i do help by checking all the stuffs though.but my mak did everything. melipat, mengemas, menyusun....hehehhe...i must admit i love the way my mak's sorting out the bag, or lugage since i was in university. bukan i pemalas sangat  but since kat uni lagi, whenever it was time to go back to campus, i would always ask my mak to help me put my things together. no particular reasons just i suka the way my mak kemas bag. hehehe...ada personal touch kot~

At week 34 jugak, i can definitely feel such a big changes in me - i become more and more slower in terms of my movements and tired so badly at night. i could feel the baby's actually going down a bit. i used to feel the baby loved to sit on my right ribs cage, but nowadays, she is right in the middle already. perut pun dan mcam turun sikit. oh my god! im having a baby soon~

this week officially the start of my weekly visit to the doctor sampai la besalin.haihhh, penat jugak cos i live in perlis but i have to go to Alor Star to do the check up. it's around 45 minutes drive. hopefully within the 45 minutes, we will be able to reach PMC if i were to deliver this baby when the time comes. Amin.

ordered from the ever so famous
sooooo YUMMS!

Lastly, those were the blue velvet cup cakes well maybe greenish blue kot that i ordered simply to commemorate our 1st Anniversary that had to be postponed last week. we celebrated by having luch at our favorite spot in penang. biasa2 saja la..i don't really have a lot of good pictures to share cos i don't look visually attractive..hahahaha..

Monday, October 3, 2011

1st Wedding Anniversary - postponed & pregnancy routine check up

How time flies and yet it feels just like 6 months ago, since we have been married! pheww~ yesterday 2nd October 2011, the marked of our 1 year of being together as husband and wife. Syukur Alhamdulillah. We have made it for a year. we annoyed each other, we had arguments over stupid stuffs, and so on, yet WE LOVE EACH OTHER SO ENDLESSLY despite all the circumstances.

a year of being together i admid there are thousands of things that we have learnt and still learn of each other. and i guess, the learning of each other will never end.

a year of being together, i must say not every moment is beautiful and full of joy, but it has been colorful with some ups and down too.

a year of being together, i realised that a lot of improvenment within myself to be made.

a year of being together, i am so sure that my husband is such a kind and loving person.

a year of being together, we are very excited for the arriving of our bundle of joy, soon!

a year of being togther, i realised that the annoying of each other part will never be over~

a year of being together, i realised that there so many things await us to be explored ahead.

a year of being together, i am always hopeful Allah will protect us, guide us, love us, help us. Amin~

BUT, guess what?? the anniversary has been postponed~ ;( because of our lack of planning and managing of time. ( padan muka) i ordered some cup cakes but it was a very last minute order, so the baker had to turn down my order despite the appeal i made. (sangat desperate and mintak akak tu accept but cannot). *cry*

then i checked the schedule that i had to go to PMC for my routine check up and i knew it was gonna take long cos it was sunday.sunday is always a busy day there. we stucked for almost 3 hours waiting for our turn to finally see the doctor. so again, i told rizal that maybe it was not a good idea to continue going somewhere to celebrate the anniversary after a long day at the hospital, i was dead tired. so we decided to pospone it instead. insyaAlah, we'll see how it goes this coming weeked. I AM SO EXCITED!

okay, let's talk routine check up now a.k.a cek perut. :) according to the doctor's culcalation, i am now at week 33 of my pregnancy. and after 2 weeks from now, i will have to come for the routin check up each week until i deliever. currently we have to see the doctor every 2 weeks, soon it'll be once a week! hoooomaigod, i'm having a baby soon~

so yesterday, i had to be injected. i asked what kind of injection was i recieving and he said "kancing gigi" i had no idea what it was, just berserah saja and relakan ja lah...heheh...i think, those who does the routine check up at klinik kesihatan kerajaan would recieve the injection pretty early kot. but, the injection was okay, very fast and nothing hurtful. people said that it was gonna hurt and the arm would feel a bit numb right after. i fetl ok je... isi i banyak kot sebab ditampung dengan lemak2 degil. heheheh..

so, i am only left with another injection which he said soon. halamakkk, cucuk lagi rupanya! but it's normal they said. throughout of our pregnancy, we are going to recieve 2 injections.

i gained weight. i mean i gained a lot of weight!! 3kg ++ ok~  but Alhamdulillah, the doctor said my blood test result came perfect and excess sugar and stuffs. i'm doing fine in term of my health. Alhamdulillah. so does the baby. she's healthy and her current weight is about 1.9kg.

Rizal asked the doctor to print us the scan picture this week but too bad, we cannot see her face. she always covers her face with her hand on her cheek. yesterday i saw the baby actually sucking her fingger, and my heart melted... so the doctor said, there was no use of him printing the scan picture since we can't really see her face. :( it's ok, maybe this baby wants us to see the real her when she's ready to see the world kot?

Hmm, my feelings at this moment is full of anxiousness and nervousness kot. i am always having dreams of the day i have to push this baby out. asyik2 mimpi nak beranak, asyik2 mimpi pegi hospital nak beranak~ adoi!! and honestly, i am scared. but whatever it is, the baby will have to be pushed out soon by me, kan!

Till, i write again~ ;)